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              TUSCUMBIA, AL – Grant Garrison of Walton, KY drove the Darrell Lanigan Racing Special to his first NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series career win Saturday night at North Alabama Speedway. Garrison held off all challengers to lead all 50 laps and earn the Durrence Layne Chevrolet Roll With Cole Award.

              Garrison took the lead at the start of the race from his outside front row starting spot and held off a challenge that got a little too close from the defending and two-time NeSmith Late Model Champion Cory Hedgecock of Loudon, TN in the Eagle Racing Engines Rocket. Hedgecock got into Garrison on lap 22, and spun the leader. Hedgecock had to go the tail for the restart.

              Evan Ellis of Plantersville, MS was able to pull within two tenths of a second on Garrison late in the race, but the 2017 NeSmith Late Model National Championship Runner-Up and 2017 Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Year was able to hang on for the win.

              Ellis finished second in the Ellis Specialty Welding Special, and Cody Smith of Holt, FL took the third spot in the Smith’s Performance Rocket. Ashton Winger of Senoia, GA was fourth in the Keyser Manufacturing Rocket and was the Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Race. Chad Stapleton of Edinburgh, IN finished fifth in the SSI/Jason Clarkson Logging Special.

              Jake Knowles of Rome, GA had to take a provisional and start 24th in the race, but he charged to a sixth-place finish to earn the Beyea Headers Hard Charger of the Race Award. Hedgecock came back from his lap 22 miscue to rally for a seventh-place finish. Colton Horner of Katy, TX took the eighth spot in the Houston Specialty Products Special.

              Brandon Williams of Crossville, TN finished ninth in the Williams Racing CVR, and Matt Henderson of Loudon, TN rounded out the top ten in the B&M Salvage Rocket. In preliminary action, Todd Robinson of Corinth, MS out-timed the 37-car field with a lap in 15.071 seconds to earn the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Fast Time Award in the KB Performance Special. 

            The two 15-lap B-Main Races were won by Seth McCormack of Muscle Shoals, AL in the Imperial Concrete Walls Rocket and Andy Picklesimer of Ooltewah, TN in the Hyma Motorsports Special.
            Garrison took the lead at the drop of the green flag followed by Smith, Hedgecock, Ellis and Robinson, but a multi-car tangle on the first lap necessitated a complete restart. Garrison again grabbed the point on the next try followed by Smith, Bryant Marsh of Corinth, MS in the Modern Woodman Trak-Star, Hedgecock, and Ellis.
            The second of six caution flags came out on lap two for debris. This time it would be a Dixie-Style Double-File Restart with Garrison out in front by himself, and he had Smith, Marsh, Hedgecock, Ellis, McCormack, Winger, Robinson, Picklesimer, and Horner doubled up behind him. Marsh dropped from third to fifth on the restart.
            Garrison had a one second lead on Smith by lap ten, as Hedgecock moved up to challenge for the second spot. Hedgecock got by Smith for the number two spot on lap 12 and took off after the leader. Just as Hedgecock moved in to battle for the lead on lap 15, a lap 17 caution flag for Jason Britton of Alexander City, AL in turn one in the AAA General Contractors Special slowed the field.
            The top ten for the restart had Garrison leading Hedgecock, Smith, Ellis, Marsh, McCormack, Winger, Horner, Robinson, and T.J. Brittain of Centre, AL in the Brittain Hauling Warrior. Garrison was quick to pull out to a one second lead over Hedgecock by lap 20, but Hedgecock was able to reel in the leader to challenge for the point on lap 23.
            Hedgecock got a little too close, as he made contact with the leader in turn two causing Garrison to spin. That brought out the yellow flag and Hedgecock was ticketed with the caution flag. Hedgecock had to go to the tail of the cars on the lead lap and he restarted 21st. That adjusted the top ten for restart with Garrison back in the lead followed by Smith, Ellis, Marsh, Winger, McCormack, Horner, Robinson, Stapleton, and Knowles.
            Winger got by Marsh for the fourth spot on the restart, and Knowles moved up to ninth. McCormack had an issue on lap 24 to bring out the fifth caution flag and gave up the sixth spot. Garrison led the field down for another double-file restart followed by Smith, Ellis, Winger, Marsh, Horner, Stapleton, Knowles, Brittain, and Williams.
            Ellis passed Smith for the second spot on the restart, and Marsh got by Winger for fourth. The field raced under green flag conditions for four laps until the final caution flag of the race came out on lap 28 when Austin Burns of Georgetown, IN stalled the 31 Auto Group Special on the front straightway.
            Winger was able to reclaim the fourth spot from Marsh on the restart. By lap 30, Garrison had a half second lead on Ellis. Hedgecock had climbed back into the eighth spot. Marsh dropped to the eighth spot by lap 36. With ten to go, the top ten was Garrison, Ellis, Smith, Winger, Stapleton, Knowles, Hedgecock, Marsh, Williams, and Horner.
            The closest Ellis could get to Garrison was .249 seconds on lap 47. Garrison pulled away to put another tenth of a second between himself and Ellis on lap 48 and 49, and hung on to take a .260 second margin of victory under the checkered flag.
            The next two events for the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series will take place during NASCAR Weekend at Talladega Short Track in Eastaboga, AL. There will be a $2,000-to-win, 40-lap race on Friday night, April 27, and a $2,500-to-win, 50-lap event on Saturday night, April 28.

            For more information and rules about the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series web site at, or visit the series on Facebook at NeSmith Racing. Becoming a fan of the NeSmith Racing Facebook page will make you eligible for special prizes that will be given away each month. You can follow us on Twitter @NeSmithRacing.


POS      STRT   CAR #  DRIVER                            HOMETOWN                  LAPS    $ WON
1.           2            1            Grant Garrison               Walton, KY                      50          $2,500
2.           5            73          Evan Ellis                         Plantersville, MS            50          $1,250
3.           3            3            Cody Smith                       Holt, FL                             50          $850
4.           9            12          Ashton Winger (R)         Senoia, GA                        50          $700
5.           16          32          Chad Stapleton                Edinburgh, IN                  50          $650
6.           24          66          Jake Knowles                  Rome, GA                         50          $550
7.           6            23          Cory Hedgecock                            Loudon, TN                      50          $500
8.           10          56jr      Colton Horner                 Katy, TX                           50          $450
9.           11          95          Brandon Williams          Crossville, TN                  50          $400
10.         22          19h       Matt Henderson                             Loudon, TN                      50          $375
11.         4            1b          Bryant Marsh                  Corinth, MS                     50          $350
12.         18          17jr      Tyler Wood                      Lobelville, TN                  50          $300
13.         14          C6         Oakley Johns                   Clifton, TN                       50          $280
14.         15          22          Austin Burns                    Georgetown, IN               50          $260
15.         13          05          T.J. Brittain                     Centre, AL                        50          $250
16.         23          19          Marcus Minga                 Shannon, MS                    50          $240
17.         1            3r          Todd Robinson                Corinth, MS                     49          $220
18.         17          232       Jamey Boland                  Cuba, AL                           49          $200
19.         12          58          Brandon Shaw                 Corinth, MS                     42          $200
20.         7            S4          Seth McCormack            Muscle Shoals, AL          27          $200
21.         19          B10       Logan Brown                   White Bluff, TN               27          $200
22.         21          15          Jason Britton                   Alexander City, AL        17          $200
23.         20          64          Braden Mitchell                             Russellville, AL               14          $200
24.         8            P1         Andy Picklesimer           Ooltewah, TN                   2            $200

PROVISIONALS: Minga and Knowles
LAP LEADER: Garrison, 1-50
BEYEA HEADERS HARD CHARGER AWARD: Knowles (started 24th and finished 6th)
TIME OF THE RACE: 34 Minutes and 30.866 Seconds
NEXT EVENTS: NASCAR Weekend at Talladega Short Track in Eastaboga, AL, $2,000-to-win, 40 Laps, April 27, and $2,500-to-win, 50 Laps, April 28.


1. 3r Todd Robinson, Corinth, MS – 15.071
2. 3 Cody Smith, Holt, FL – 15.173
3. 73 Evan Ellis, Plantersville, MS – 15.325
4. 95 Brandon Williams, Crossville, TN – 15.345
5. S4 Seth McCormack, Muscle Shoals, AL – 15.376
6. 05 T.J. Brittain, Centre, AL – 15.386
7. 232 Jamey Boland, Cuba, AL – 15.397
8. 15 Jason Britton, Alexander City, AL – 15.429
9. 12 Ashton Winger (R), Senoia, GA – 15.449
10. 14 Jerry Green, Knoxville, TN – 15.477
11. 22 Austin Burns, Georgetown, IN – 15.482
12. 19 Marcus Minga, Shannon, MS – 15.485
13. 6jr Parker Martin (R), Milledgeville, GA – 15.540
14. 66 Jake Knowles, Rome, GA – 15.567
15. B10 Logan Brown, White Bluff, TN – 15.589
16. 88d Mark Dowdy, Waterloo, AL – 15.792
17. 8a Scott Cook, Shelbyville, TN – 15.891
18. 4m Mitchell Holloway, Muscle Shoals, AL – 15.940
19. 78 Matt Brocato, Muscle Shoals, AL – 15.976

1. 1 Grant Garrison, Walton, KY – 15.374
2. 1b Bryant Marsh, Corinth, MS – 15.417
3. 23 Cory Hedgecock, Loudon, TN – 15.452
4. 56jr Colton Horner, Katy, TX – 15.513
5. 58 Brandon Shaw, Corinth, MS – 15.579
6. P1 Andy Picklesimer, Ooltewah, TN – 15.621
7. C6 Oakley Johns, Clifton, TN – 15.767
8. 102 Dustin Stutts, Lawrenceburg, TN – 15.774
9. 32 Chad Stapleton, Edinburgh, IN – 15.782
10. 17jr Tyler Wood, Lobelville, TN – 15.783
11. 19h Matt Henderson, Loudon, TN – 15.957
12. 713 Ben Brocato, Muscle Shoals, AL – 15.999
13. 11q Michael Queen, Cartersville, GA – 16.033
14. W7 Greg Wilhite, Moulton, AL – 16.058
15. 69 Mike Henn, Muscle Shoals, AL – 16.167
16. 64 Braden Mitchell, Russellville, AL – 16.214
17. 4 Wayne Sutherland, Haleyville, AL – 16.408
18. 94 Jordan Hedger, Lexington, KY - NT

B-MAIN RACES (15 Laps – Top 8 Transfer To Main Event):

              1ST B-MAIN: 1. McCormack; 2. Winger (R); 3. Williams; 4. Brittain; 5. Burns; 6. Boland; 7. Brown; 8. Britton; 9. Minga; 10. Holloway; 11. Cook; 12. M. Brocato; 13. Dowdy; 14. Green; 15. Knowles; 16. Martin (R).

              2ND B-MAIN: 1. Picklesimer; 2. Horner; 3. Shaw; 4. Johns; 5. Stapleton; 6. Wood; 7. Mitchell; 8. Henderson; 9. B. Brocato; 10. Wilhite; 11. Henn; 12. Stutts; 13.
Sutherland; 14. Queen; 15. Hedger DNS.

NeSmith Sportsman

1)Donovan Henry
2)Bryson Mitchell
3)Todd Clemmons
4)Tony Chaney
5)Donald Johns
6)Joey McKinney
7)Chance Landers
8)Chuck Gipson
9)Haden Duncan
10)Silas Hamm
11)Blake Ray
12)Jake Graves
13)Daniel Steen
14)Chris McGuire

NeSmith Street Stock
1)Jimmy Nolen
2)Steve Maughan
3)Jason Maurer
4)AJ Ferguson
5)Barry Sheffield
6)Darren Jewell

Factory Stock
1)Dale Gay
2)Josh Baker
3)Cody Howard
4)Jason Byrd
5)Andy Melson
6) JJ Michael
7)David Letson
8) Waldop
9)Corey Gann
10)Stevie Johnson
11)Tyler Hamm
12)Ricky Voyles

Mini Stock
1)Joe Wilson
2)Tracy Terrell
3)Alex McDowell
4)Jay Cooper
5)John Garrison
6)Terry Hunt
7)CW Brewer
8)Brett Grimes
9)Dominic Griffith
10)Bryan Barr
11)Mickey Crowden
12)Chad Gentry
13)Shannon Orr
14)James Miller
15)Tim Raper

NeSmith Mod Sportsman
1)Casey Dunavan
2)Daniel Jolliff
3)Tracy Terrell
4)Oakley Gillespie
5)Ron Bailey
6)David Nichols

1)Zack Gipson
2)Dustin Witt
3)Tommy Wood
4)Tyler Smith
5)William Copeland
6)Dee Vaughn
7)Cody Wellington
8)Hunter Huddleston
9)Jaycob Creasy
10)Blake Lambert
11)Randy Lee
12)Isaac Gipson
13)Connie Terrell
14)Tyler Britnell

Super Buzz
1)Josh Thacker
2)Michael Newton
3)James Creasy
4)Randall Grisham
5)Alfredo Martinez
6)Jacob Creasy
7)Brady South
8)Zack Etheredge
9)CJ Lee
10)Chris Lane
11)Jay Creasy
12)Austin Creasy
130Matthew Dillard
14)Matthew Green
15)Jessie White